An inspiring women “foodpreneurs” success case study series in Cloud Kitchen Industry

There is a new term in the world of entrepreneurs, the ones who are in the food industry and are foodies too, it’s called “foodpreneurs”.

Kitchenstan wants to put in an honest attempt to showcase the success stories of women foodpreneurs who are making it big by following their passion for food.

First, in this successful case study series, we were fortunate to have met Jyoti Bhaware owner of “Biryani Station” a biryani special cloud kitchen. Jyoti is basically from Nanded who always wished and dreamed of opening her own “Restaurant” one day.

We had a tête-à-tête with Jyoti on her success journey and how she established a women-only run cloud kitchen in Mumbai called as “Biryani Station”

Jyoti, thanks for joining us at! It is a pleasure having you as one of the first women foodpreneur guest list. Can you please tell us about your background and why you chose to be a Foodpreneur & that too biryani as a delicasy !?

Thanks for inviting me on your platform. Biryani Station happened way long back when I was a kid. It was a “Jumma” and I was taking a stroll on rooftop “Chatt” , when suddenly a distinct aroma of Biryani preparation happening in my neighborhood hit me like anything, so much that I still have never smelled the food preparation like that ever before. I immediately visited my neighbor Salma Aunty to learn the process and soak on the recipes and ingredients as much as I can, as a matter of fact, I still haven’t perfected the art myself but has made me fall in love with Food recipes and biryanis. I am an MBA having specialized in Marketing, I have done the corporate job and I soon realized that I am not made for the one. I wished to follow my passion for food and thus Biryani Station happened. The idea behind it is to make prepare and serve every possible type of biryani that are there to all the biryani lovers in India. From regional to national and the go international.

Great to hear about your journey of “Biryani Station”! So, why you chose cloud kitchen as your business model? Are you making profits ? What is the next step in your business journey?

Yes we are making profit. I chose cloud kitchen model as its a delivery only model so the initial expenses of setting up a restaurant is saved here. The profit that I am making is been used for bootstapping viz. using my profit for further developments which is a kind of doing compound interest math. So my next step is to do further develop my business into business sharing model wherein I will be involved in building the brand and maintaining the food quality.

Do you need mentorship program at the time of cloud kitchen business model? How does a mentorship help in this process.

Yes mentorship program really helps in case you dont want to make too many errors initially in your business setup. Mentors are those who guide you on making intelligent business decisions from the mistakes they have done themselves in past plus they have inside knowledge of the given industry.

I took help on deciding my menu, including specially curated recipes for the given market, food pricing, marketing & strategies. I have not know the power of digital marketing in today’s world until my mentor has told me about email marketing, social media marketing & using whatsapp for business as a tool for building preferred food brand on the internet. People do recognize you by the uniqueness of your food and your social media presence and engagements. Food business has too became price sensitive and one has to be ready with discounting strategies on online delivery apps.

What are your future plans & any innovations you are thinking in your current business model?

I am planning to start a business-sharing model for fellow female chefs or housewives who are passionate about food and are ready to make themselves financially independent. The idea is to innovate the concept of biryani preparation by supporting chefs who are experts in making their own regional biryani recipes (as every city or region has its own unique biryani preparation method). The brand Biryani Station wishes to have a Biryani menu from each station of India & abroad for e.g. Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, Nagpur special, etc. The vision is to empower each housewife in India to stand financially independent by starting her own cloud kitchen.

What are the difficulties you have faced in your food startup Journey?

The biggest problem I faced is attritional manpower in this sector. The chefs can leave their jobs if given 1000 /- INR extra in some other restaurants. So, I suggest please invest in a good chef who is ready to learn and can maintain the food taste. I have never understood the data analysis part of this business so initially, I made it a point to learn analyze and understand the data. Taking data-driven decisions is a need of the hour in the delivery-only business model. Grooming your staff is also an important aspect of this business. I have made a customized uniform for each employee to make them feel that they are working for a reputed brand, you know the image is everything in this business

What are your learning & take away for other Women foodprenuers ?

Always take a data-driven decision if you’re a part of the Cloud Kitchen industry. Correctly interpreting the data will always help you to understand the buyer’s persona of your target audience. It will give clarity on what will work in a specific geography, the interests of the target market, what are the food habits of the TG. You can be serving Non – vegetarian food in a locality where majorly Jains & Gujarati people are residing, similarly, you can’t be pushing an ad for north Indian food wherein the TG is majorly from south of India.

Always invest in the CRM software initially so that you can keep a check on the orders which will help in managing the chaotic situation.

And last but not least take a leap of faith if you believe you can make it big in the food industry, cloud kitchen is a fairly new concept in India and many big players have already made big profits in the food industry. So, go ahead and take that big decision now! All the best for your Foodprenuer journey. You can always take help from and consult if you want any help in this regard.

Jyoti Bhaware has inspired many of her friends as they have already started pouring in the request for investments and discussing Business sharing with her.

4 ways to increase the online delivery sales of your cloud kitchen setup

Cloud kitchen has now already become a new buzzword in Food tech industry in India. The cloud kitchen business model has many advantages of its own like low initial investment, lesser employees to work with , easy to manage as its a delivery only business model & easy to diversify from one specific menu to multiple cuisines.

While it is a lucrative food start-up idea, taking guided steps in the initial journey of your business is essential, as what may look profit-making business can fail in no time if proper steps are not taken in time.

The types of food kitchen models that one can setup according to the space availability and affordability are as given below:

  1. Single Brand (minimum space required – 300 -600 sqft, 1-2 cuisines, minimum 15 menus, ideal for startups )
  2. Virtual Restaurants
  3. Multi Brand Cloud Kitchens (Fasoos & Box 8 in India)
  4. Shared Kitchen Spaces (Multiple brands works under the same roof)
  5. Aggregated Managed Cloud Kitchen (Swiggy Acess)
  6. Operator Managed cloud KItchen (For e.g Biryani Blue taking help from an already established cloud kitchen operator like kitopi in Dubai)

Proven Tips To increase the sales and generate leads for your cloud kitchen setup:

1.Market Your Brand Well

As cloud kitchen is online only medium wherein you only serve your customers via online delivery medium having a strong online presence is of utmost importance for your brand. Hence it is essential to have a strong digital presence from the start itself.

Here are ways that you can establish your brand digital medium

  • Advertise on an Online Aggregator: Zomato & Swiggy are like search engines for local restaurants, associating with the aggregator is a basic step one can take to get your brand good visibility. However, one should take note that to rank well on the aggregator’s app one needs to pay a hefty price for the sponsored ads, the platform is highly competitive and is not a budget-friendly way for startups. You can buy your cutlery on this link
  • Run Local Facebook / Google Ads: Running paid campaigns on online channels is a great way to boost your cloud kitchen sales. You can run an advertisement on Google and social media platforms to reach out to your potential customers. Remember to include a Call-to-Action in the advertisement banners which leads your customers to your cloud kitchen’s online ordering landing page Why Do One need Customised Creative solutions for Cloud Kitchens
  • Develop organic sources of online orders: While you can rely on paid campaigns to create brand awareness and generate your first few orders, you must also develop organic channels of online orders. Having an online-ordering enabled website is critical for a cloud kitchen business. SEO Optimization for the website is important so that it appears organically whenever someone searches for the type of food you serve. Learn the importance of SEO for making organic traffic for your brand. Storytelling is the way for developing the brand positioning for your niche .
  • Take Part in Local events: Word of Mouth is still the strongest form of marketing technique. Participate in local food festival and let the world know about your unique food. Conduct a food tasting session for the local food blogger by inviting them to taste your food, getting the mentions for local food bloggers is the best way to spread the word about your cloud kitchen.
  • Catering in events can help you catch the attention of many: Catering at local organizations’ events will help you to come into the limelight. Be these events be anything, from Independence day celebration in your locality,  a local sports event, to school carnival, if you can provide some tantalizing food to the enthusiasts in these events, they will surely come back to you. Plus, the profit margin generated through this medium is on the higher side (Low investment higher return)
  • Social Media Presence is a must: In today’s time, if you want to get in touch with all the potential customers out there, you must have a strong social media presence. Create your social media pages, and post mouth-watering images and videos of your food items to attract customers. Facebook ads are the best way to reach out to your local audience (Cloud Kitchen is a hyper-local business model, so one has to think global but act local)

2. Offer Something Unique

Since restaurants are cropping up like swarms of locusts everywhere, you must provide your customers with something that others in your area are not. Select a cuisine that is new to the locals of your vicinity example, if there isn’t any place to satiate the taste buds of your customers with some mouth-watering Nagpur Saoji cuisine, then you can try and introduce this cuisine to the people. Unless you can offer people something out of the box, why do you think people will choose your cloud kitchen over other restaurants?

3. Do Not Compromise On Quality

While quality remains one of the main things that helps you retain your customers, it is needless to say, that its importance is even more in a cloud kitchen. This is because, since it is a cloud kitchen, people generally expect home-cooked food, whose quality is exceptionally high. Unless you can make your customers feel that they are eating from their own kitchen, you can hardly expect them to come back to you.

4. Integrate With Online Delivery Platforms

Delivery is the main thing in a cloud kitchen; hence it is very important for you to have the right personnel in place. Instead of just relying on your in-house delivery boys, integrate your cloud kitchen with various online delivery apps You can also post the menus and food specialization on the local Facebook community or respective city’s foodie communities. You can avail of the digital marketing services of to automate your food delivery orders from your own website once you have established your cloud kitchen brand.

The aim is to give financial independence to the housewives in India via food startups. Also, read other routes to earn financial independence from home

We hope that you have gained comprehensive knowledge about how you can increase the sales of your cloud kitchen with these stellar cloud kitchen marketing ideas. While all you need to do and focus on isn’t much, but there are a few intricacies which if you give heed to can help you to pave a very prosperous future for your cloud kitchen.

Let me know in the comments your insights on the article. Thank You!

P. S. – The food runners or delivery boys can avail something unique on their drives. Please follow the article why to avail Suzuki motors offers

How to set up your Cloud Kitchen in under Rs 5 Lakhs

Food + Passion = DREAM BUSINESS


What is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens or Ghost Kitchens are nothing but customized kitchens where there is no facility for dine-ins for the customer but you can serve the audience using the online delivery method. Cloud Kitchens are a Hyper-Local food business best suited for low-cost investment kitchen set ups.

Advantages of setting up a cloud kitchen:

  1. It requires less space
  2. Fewer Employees
  3. low total cost
  4. Risk-free method
  5. Higher Profit Margins (35% as compared to restaurant business)


•Property (Min 300 -500 sqft)


•Location of Cloud Kitchen Setup (2-10 km within the target market area)


•FASSAI – food safety & standards of india

•Tin no – Tax Identification No

•GST Registration

•Fire License

•Municipal Health License



Website/app – tracks food orders, analytics & automation

• pos system – billing

• card readers – take away billing



  • The setup which requires common equipment requires less expenditure for e.g. Pizza, burger & sandwich
  • If the food item is too niche or unique the equipment cost will go high


  • Popular delivery service aggregator is crowded & takes away  10-30% revenue share of the order
  • Important to have at least your own website for taking online orders and keeping a strong digital presence to help increase the initial orders using Digital Marketing


  • Website –

  • Marketing Leads & Automation –

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Ads (CPC) –

  • Affiliate & Loyalty programs design

Marketing Budget | 18 – 20 k


1 Rent 75k FOR 3 MONTHS 25k PER MONTH
2 Kitchen Equipment 2.5LAKH Depending on Cuisine
3 Licenses 15-20K 15K for license agency
4 Staff Salary 15-20K 1 Chef, 2 Helpers
5 POS Software 15K Billing Software
6 Working Capital 50K Initial Cost Per month
7 Marketing Budget 1 LAKH Includes Packaging

Cost sheet


Cost Element Cost in INR
Property rent 25000
Equipment 300000
Licenses through Agency 20000
Staff Salary 20000
Billing Software 15000
Card Swipe Machine 12000
Working Capex 40000
Marketing Budget 100000
Miscellaneous 40000
Total Approx. Costing 5,72,000

Please comment below to let me know about this article. I intend to help housewives in India become financially independent and be their own boss by setting up their own home based cloud kitchen.

Why Do One need Customised Creative solutions for Cloud Kitchens

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